The ITEC Cat21 Dataset of Cataract Surgery Videos

Provided by Institute of Information Technology (ITEC), AAU Klagenfurt, in cooperation with Klinikum Klagenfurt, Austria

Classnumber Phase Label
1 Phase 1 Incision
2 Phase 2 and Phase 8 Viscous agent injection
3 Phase 3 Rhexis
4 Phase 4 Hydrodissection
5 Phase 5 Phacoemulsification
6 Phase 6 Irrigation and aspiration
7 Phase 7 Capsule polishing
8 Phase 9 Lens implant setting-up
9 Phase 10 Viscous agent removal
10 Phase 11 Tonifying and antibiotics

The dataset contains 21 video recordings of cataract surgeries. The dataset is divided into a training part consisting of 17 videos and a validation part consisting of 4 videos. For each video a CSV file with ground-truth annotations is provided, linking each frame number to one of ten classes (operation phases) listed above. The ground-truth annotation has been done by medical experts of Klinikum Klagenfurt. Please note that parts of video recordings that do not belong to any of the classes are labelled with "not_initialized" (in particular, the part before the first phase "Incision").

The dataset is exclusively provided for scientific research purposes and as such cannot be used commercially or for any other purpose.

In addition, reference must be made to the following publication when this dataset is used in any academic or research reports:

Manfred Jürgen Primus, Doris Putzgruber-Adamitsch, Mario Taschwer, Bernd Münzer, Yosuf El-Shabrawi, Laszlo Böszörmenyi, Klaus Schoeffmann: Frame-Based Classification of Operation Phases in Cataract Surgery Videos. International Conference on Multimedia Modelling (MMM 2018). DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-73603-7_20

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